PT. Cayapata Citra Kemika ” Family Adventure Trip “

Family Adventure Trip Pt. Cayapata Citra Kemika merupakan sebuah kegiatan pelatihan dengan konsep berpetualang di alam terbuka. Kegiatan Family Adventure Trip yang berlangsung selama dua hari satu malam ini, dilaksanakan di atas ketinggian 1200 Mdpl, tepatnya di kawasan perkemahan Cidahu, Sukabumi Jawa Barat.dunia outbound, cayapata citra kemika, family adventure trip

PT. CAYAPATA CITRA KEMIKA was established on 2007, with certain missions including the aim to become a responsible partner for our customers, through professionalism and creating healthy business environment.
This company was built by several experienced people, including Chemist background, to support above mission and also provide Technical Support to our customers.

We put our focus on Adhesive/Sealant market, especially automotive segment, the area where we have many experiences in the past including OEM’s background customers. With a good quality of products (PU and SiMP based) and strong Technical/Knowledge of application (Direct Glassing, Bonding and Sealing), we are able to support our customers for future needs.

Other business segments in Aviation Maintenance Chemicals and Metal Treatment contribute as well to our total business growth at present. Through a good cooperation and partnership between our employees, our customers and our principles, we could achieve a significant growth since 2007.
We make it SIMPLE, is our slogan for growing continuously without making too many complexities.

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